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Cantilever ladders in Toronto

Cantilever ladders in Toronto

Today, staircases for homes are presented with an impressive range of designs, complemented by a wide selection of basic and finishing materials. As a rule, staircases are made according to the seasonal use of the respective premises. However, durability and reliability remain the key priorities of staircases, many of which are created in the original style to suit the respective interior.

Stairway materials

A simple wooden staircase in Toronto on slopes or stringers, according to the unanimous opinion of experts, is the best option for installation in a country house. In such buildings, the use of staircases is seasonal. Consequently, it is possible to save on materials without the risk of shortening the service life.

It should be noted that in most cases in the countryside buildings should be carefully considered when installing stairs in Toronto made of beech, which is afraid of moisture. Sometimes it is better to give preference to inexpensive pine, which can be treated with matte or semi-matt lacquer, burned or just painted. The strongly pronounced drawings of a structure and the numerous knots inherent in this tree species, will perfectly be entered into classical country conditions.

For obvious reasons, metal staircases are seldom installed in houses, except for spiral structures, which allow connecting floors in compact spaces. Such solutions increase the complexity and cost of work, being justified only if it is impossible to install classic straight or swivel spans.

Advantages and disadvantages of pine stairs

Advantages and disadvantages of staircases made of pine consist of the features of this type of wood. Among the obvious advantages it is worth mentioning the following points:

  • Low cost;
  • Low labor input of processing;
  • Wide choice of materials for decorative processing;
  • Lightness, pliability and plasticity of wood massif;
  • Good susceptibility to toning, coloring and varnishing;
  • High efficiency of antiseptics.
  • The last point is vital to protect the dacha staircases from rotting and biological attacks. Of all the types of wood, only pine is turned into an impregnable mold and fungus hardness after it has been treated with antiseptic agents.

    Cantilever ladders for summer cottages - absolute attractiveness in all positions

    Many summer cottages allow to install a special type of wall staircases related to cantilever structures. In this case, the steps made of solid wood are attached directly to the supporting wall using brackets or an intermediate metal frame. Sometimes the steps can be simply cut into the wall at 20-40 cm, which will allow you to securely fix these elements. Alternatively, the use of ceiling tie rods, which also serve as a fence, can be used.

    The obvious advantages of cantilever ladders are the following characteristics:

  • Visual ease of construction, the steps of which are suspended in the air;
  • Preservation of the level of natural light in the room;
  • Minimal consumption of materials, which are mainly used for the production of steps (array, glass, metal);
  • Saving of useful meters;
  • High reliability and ease of use;
  • Elegant appearance.
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