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Flooring refinishing in Toronto

Flooring refinishing in Toronto

It is the floor that helps to create the first impression of your home. He is experiencing a great load - from the furniture and our walking - and therefore comes into disrepair faster than all the other areas of the apartment. For this reason, you should take your flooring refinishing in Toronto very seriously, and choose the flooring very carefully. When choosing the flooring material for each room you need to take into account the degree of load that falls on a particular room, as well as its purpose.


Must be as strong and wear-resistant as possible. One of the three coating options - linoleum, tiles or porcelain stoneware - will help you.

The first one is linoleum, the most economical material. It is also the warmest. In strength, however, it is inferior to the other two, which, in turn, can not boast of injury safety. Both tiles and porcelain stoneware have a very slippery, cold surface, but are easy to use.

Bathroom and kitchen

The main requirements for bathroom and kitchen flooring are moisture resistance, heat resistance and minimum slip resistance. These rooms are suitable for materials such as ceramic tiles or vinyl laminate. There is also a more economical option - linoleum.

Excellent heat-resistant coating - wood or cork. But such a floor "survives" in the premises with a high level of humidity only with high-quality waterproofing.


The bedroom is the most intimate space in the apartment. The main criterion for choosing the floor here is the creation of comfort and, if possible, the preservation of heat. Natural wood or carpeting will help you to achieve this effect.

Due to its durability and wide color variety in recent years, laminate has become popular. The downside is that it has a fairly cold coating. The heating system or floor carpet will help to correct this shortcoming. Sometimes such material as parquet is used for laying the floor in the bedroom. Floor repairs in Toronto - the reason you need to contact us!

Living room

The most memorable room in the house is the living room. It is also a very rough terrain area, so the floor of this part of the apartment is subject to two basic requirements. It must not only be resistant to damage and durable, but also stylish. In fact, it is the floor covering of the hall that sets the tone for the interior of the entire apartment.

Here you can find a wide range of options: piece parquet or parquet board, laminate, carpeting, ceramic tile or porcelain stoneware.

Each of these materials is characterized by high durability. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Parquet, for example, is quite expensive and "capricious" - it needs careful care and regular wet cleaning. But ceramics with its wear resistance requires additional insulation.

Now that we know the basic principles of choosing the flooring material for each room, our own taste and sense of style should become the main advisers. Fantasize and put ideas into practice!

It is important that the floor repairs in Toronto is repaired by a competent person. Be very cautious when doing so, if you decide to do so. Of course, it's best to turn to professionals to find a Toronto floor repair company. Masters will tell you what kind of flooring is most suitable for your apartment according to its technical characteristics, and will also help you to lay it - quickly and efficiently.

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