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Parquet flooring in Toronto

Parquet flooring in Toronto

Everyone who is engaged in construction for a long time and professionally, has such objects in their practice, which you can proudly tell about. And the more professional the approach, the more such objects! We decided to tell you how we managed to redo the floors on the 2nd floor of a residential building in 10 days.

Floor repairs in Toronto. Prehistory

How did this story begin? And it began in 2018, when the customer asked to do what all the builders refused to do. The task was to add another one to the already built wooden blockhouse, while fully preserving the intricate style. We have done it, and recently we have carried out repair of a facade in Toronto.

Preparing for the emergency mode

Of course, before we start work, we agreed on a meeting to clarify exactly what needs to be done. We came and... we milled... the area was 70 sq.m., the difference was up to 10 cm, except for the leveling, it was necessary to dismantle the old floors, make strobes and lay the parquet floor in Toronto . At the same time, everything should be done in such a way that no repair was noticed on the ground floor. Well, well, the difficulties harden! We had about a week to find the necessary material, order it and bring it back - it was an oak parquet board

Quickly and qualitatively is our principle!

The first thing we did was to close all the openings leading to the ground floor to keep the dust out of it and open the old floors. Polyethylene was found as a film... The flooring was also "so badly insulated", so we repaired the insulation and replaced the film with a modern windproofing.

To get rid of skirting boards, we filled the perimeter of the floor of the gate, in which we later laid the floorboard.

After laying the wooden floors in the places where they adjoined the gates, we applied sealant to decorate the gap, leaving the log cabin to "walk" without damaging the floors.

In addition to the flooring work, we also noticed how curved the interior doors are. We dismantled them, aligned the boxes and installed them back.

Results of the work

The main volume of work we have done in 10 days! Yes, after that we did some more small work, but in general we did it! As usual, the tight timeframes are incredibly mobilised and forced to work without the right to make mistakes and corrections. After the end of the dusty work, we invited the cleaning service, which cleaned up the whole house, so that the customer was satisfied! Floor repairs in Toronto - the best choice for your purposes!

Manufacturing wooden floors in Toronto is not the hardest job in the log cabin, but it requires high quality and the right approach! After all, for any professional, the main thing is to constantly confirm its level, achieving success, taking on complex challenges. We have confirmed!

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