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Stairs to order in Toronto

Stairs to order in Toronto

When the owner of a house or a duplex apartment faces the question of choosing a staircase, then most often the preference is given to the classic standard options. But if it is a question of installation of a ladder design in a respectable interior of a residential structure of a premium class or pathos club, in this case stairs to order are chosen. Sometimes the special individuality of the design and finishing is dictated by practical considerations, when standard interfloor solutions can not be implemented in a particular perimeter. In any case, custom-made staircases occupy about 20% of this market.

Exclusive staircases in Toronto - a true interior decoration

Professional interior designers say that an unusual staircase can increase the overall aesthetics of the environment by an order of magnitude. Moreover, the original design with expressive finishing can influence the existing interior style. And sometimes a flamboyant and colorful staircase becomes a pronounced core of the overall style, around which a special decorative space is formed.

Truly Stairs to order in Toronto are made on the basis of design projects, sketches of which convey the future beauty of this iconic architectural element. Some companies use 3D-graphics technology with the creation of presentable computer models. And the main task of designers in this case is the ability to combine the technical side of the issue with the aesthetic component, while meeting all the safety requirements for the use of vertical marches.

What kind of staircase to order in Toronto

  • Original oak stairs are always a shot in the top ten, which will be worthy of a lover of lasting beauty. Jewelry in the form of monumental fairytale figures, massive railing and bizarre carved balusters will increase the aesthetic value of such expensive interfloor systems;
  • The cantilever staircases are the illusion of staircases hanging in the air, which can be made of both wood and glass. The lighting of the steps enhances the overall impression of this fantastic "air" transition, which is able to delight the most sophisticated viewer;
  • Sophisticated staircases made of glass and metal are the best solutions for high-tech and modern interiors. The variety of materials allows you to implement the most interesting design ideas. Polished and chrome-plated steel, brushed aluminum, tempered glass of different colors and shades - in this case, the customer's imagination will be exactly where to walk;
  • Premium staircase in Toronto made of porcelain stoneware, artificial and natural marble. Powerful decorative potential of elite materials can turn such a staircase into a real wonder, which will cause the approval of fans of the flamboyant respectability.
  • There are several interesting solutions that allow you to really save on the desire to have at your disposal an original staircase design. The first method is additional treatment of the same wood, which can be expressed in toning, firing, additional carving or painting. Sometimes it is enough to order original carved balusters and railing to the standard staircase ensemble "played" with new colors.

    Today, many customers who want to distinguish the usual staircase from the surrounding environment decorate the construction with elements of artistic forging. And such solutions fully justify themselves, turning ordinary staircases into expressive interior elements.

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