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Floor for an apartment in Toronto

Floor for an apartment in Toronto

The important question when arranging an apartment is which floor to choose?

When choosing the flooring in Toronto, its performance, reliability and convenience should be valued more than its beauty.

The explanation is simple. We are in close contact with the floor every day. But you don't have to give up beauty, now it's easy to choose the floor material. The abundance and variety of different colours, shades and textures of materials simplifies the task. We use several materials in our practice: porcelain tiles, laminate, parquet. In addition, the market offers linoleum, carpet, cork board. But we rarely use them. In this article, we'll tell you why.

Floor for an apartment in Toronto. What to choose?

The answer depends on why you need the floor in a Toronto apartment. The question seems strange only at first glance. It is important to consider not only the purpose of the room, but also the habits, lifestyle.

Let us list the wishes of our clients:

  • safe and environmentally friendly - it'll be crawling on the baby;
  • it doesn't have to be slippery;
  • it's nice to walk barefoot;
  • you can dance on it in beautiful spike heels, and it's scratch-free;
  • my big dog's claws should not leave a mark on him;
  • you can drop something on it and spill it, not on purpose, but without danger;
  • you can sit right on the floor, read or exercise;
  • it's warm;
  • silent;
  • the floor should be flat and practical, easy to care for;
  • beauty, singularity, exclusivity.

It is clear from this list that the floor in each room or area of the apartment must meet different requirements.

What floor to make in the kitchen

Zone features and risks:

  • Water environment: steam, splashes, possible leaks due to irresponsible neighbours.
  • Hot Wednesday: You can drop red-hot dishes or a burning match.
  • Possible contact with food: hitting the floor with coloring products (red wine, borscht), fat, sticky, sweet. Smells.
  • Falling heavy dishes or sharp objects.
  • Dirt occurs more often than in other areas of the apartment.

So the floor has to be:

  • Waterproof.
  • Not melting or refractory.
  • Resistant to all kinds of mechanical damage.
  • Inappropriate flooring with grooves and strong relief - dirt will get clogged up there.

So, which floor in the kitchen in Toronto to choose, suitable options in descending order:

  • 1. Ceramic granite, natural stone, polished concrete, ceramic tiles.
  • The most practical. Long-lasting. Do not require careful maintenance. Resistant to heavy point impacts.

  • 2. Laminate. Beautiful texture. It's nice to walk barefoot. Legs of heavy furniture or fridge do not leave dents.
  • 3. Wooden array, parquet board. Suitable for kitchen-living room. The natural beauty of wood creates coziness, but it is not cheap and requires careful treatment.

It can be used if the house is neat, no small children or elderly. No pets that you can't keep track of. But in any case, drops and smells will inevitably be absorbed, the top layer will be erased.