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Every case is very important to us and we always take care of them seriously.


Wooden floors have been used for centuries as the main flooring for the house. Contact our company and we will do everything to the highest standards!


The best laminate flooring in Toronto and other cities in Canada only from Captain Handy. Call us by phone or write us and we will make your dream come true together!


Vinyle sheets installation is a service that is needed every time you repair or build. Addressing us, you will get a great mood from our work and a pleasant price!


Tile works are one of the elements of finishing works. When carrying out finishing works, when repairing residential and public premises, tiles are not replaceable material. Our offer will definitely interest you! We look forward to your call!

Recent Project



Today, staircases for homes are presented with an impressive range of designs, complemented by a wide selection of basic and finishing materials. As a rule, staircases are made...


It is the floor that helps to create the first impression of your home. He is experiencing a great load - from the furniture and our walking - and therefore comes into disrepair faster than all the other areas of the apartment. For this reason, you should take...


Everyone who is engaged in construction for a long time and professionally, has such objects in their practice, which you can proudly tell about. And the more professional the approach, the more such objects! We decided to tell you how we managed to redo the floors on the 2nd floor of a residential building in 10 days....


When the owner of a house or a duplex apartment faces the question of choosing a staircase, then most often the preference is given to the classic standard options. But if it is a question of installation of a ladder design in a respectable interior...


The explanation is simple. We are in close contact with the floor every day. But you don't have to give up beauty, now it's easy to choose the floor material. The abundance and variety of different colours, shades and textures of materials simplifies the task. We use...


Wood is becoming one of the most popular ways to finish the floor. It is used to make parquet. These are special boards that are assembled into a specific design. To make such a room available for a long period of time, it must be properly maintained. In addition, after installation it is necessary to do some work, which will become a reliable means of protection from constant walking, mechanical damage and...


The construction of a private home falls entirely on its owner's shoulders, so the question of how to build a porch in Toronto with his hands still remains relevant. This element of the structure is mandatory, as it allows you to refine the entrance to the room, provides ...

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