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Porch construction in Toronto

build a porch in Toronto

The construction of a private home falls entirely on its owner's shoulders, so the question of how to build a porch in Toronto with his hands still remains relevant. This element of the structure is mandatory, as it allows you to refine the entrance to the room, provides easy access to it and in addition, performs many other useful functions. So, let's take a closer look at how to build a porch in Toronto.

Building a porch in front of the entrance to the house with your own hands - this is one stage of the work on the construction of almost any building. Without this element, it can sometimes be very difficult to do without. A porch is an area in front of the entrance door, usually with steps. It can be completely open, completely or partially closed by a canopy.

Main functions of the porch:

  • protects the room from water in the event of heavy rainfall;
  • provides easy access to the front door, especially when it comes to a house with a high foundation;
  • is part of the exterior of the building and plays an important role in the aesthetic plan;
  • can serve as a place for dining or rest, storage, etc.

Before you decide to build a porch to a wooden or brick house, you must determine its size, configuration and location. Basically, it is built in such a way that it has enough space not only to open the door, but also to arrange a summer pad. It may have a rectangular shape, contain curves and ledges. The door can be located both strictly in the centre and away from the stairs.

The porch can be located not only from the central entrance. The platform with steps is also necessary for an alternative exit to the backyard, if any.

The following materials are most commonly used for porch construction in Toronto:

  • Wood. Aesthetic and easy to handle material. Only hardwoods are used, as the structure is subjected to high loads and environmental influences.
  • Concrete. Strong and durable material, allows you to display any configuration for the porch. In this case, it is important to use quality raw materials and to reinforce individual areas when pouring concrete.
  • Brick. An alternative to concrete. Has a more noble appearance, it is convenient to work with. However, the basic elements are made of concrete and iron reinforcement.
  • Metal. Basically it is used for strengthening of bay platforms and steps, and also at construction of an external ladder and protections.

Build a porch in Toronto, what do you expect?

Before build a porch in Toronto, you should at least outline the area and scale of the work at the entrance to the house. To do this, you should identify the basic parameters of the porch. First of all, we are talking about the area of the porch. It is difficult to determine the optimal value, because everything depends on the area available for construction. In general, the porch should have at least enough space to enter the house. Therefore, the distance from the aperture to the fence must be taken as a basis.

The main condition for the porch is that it must be able to open the door without any hindrance, so the minimum area for it is 1 square meter.

As for the height of the platform, it must be the same as or slightly different from the floor of the first room. The height of the foundation must be oriented. A porch that is too low will cause inconveniences when crossing the threshold, just as it is high.